10 Horrifying Halloween Drinks To Serve This Year

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The spooky season is now in full swing, with people around the country planning house parties, making intricate fancy dress costumes for trick or treating (or just for your own amusement!) and scaring themselves illy with terrifying horror films. To help make Halloween 2018 your best one yet, we’ve found a few fantastic Halloween drinks that you can try to recreate at home and impress your party guests.

  • Cocktails
  • Mock-tails
  • Novelty Drinks
  • Jelly Shots

Check out our top 10 Halloween drinks recipes for cocktails and mock-tails below!

Halloween Drinks For Adults

Please note that all the recipes below contain alcohol and are not suitable for children! See recipes numbered 7 through to 10 for some child-friendly Halloween drinks.

1. Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

This citrus based drink is tangy, bubbly and has a mesmerising, deep red/purple colour that perfectly suits a Halloween bash! It is best served straight from a pitcher jug with plenty of ice cubes. Get the recipe at Heather Cristo.

Ingredients: blood orange juice, blackberry soda (we suggest cherry soda if you can’t find blackberry soda), rum, lime juice, fresh blackberries, blood orange slices and pansies to garnish.

2. Death In The Afternoon

This aptly named cocktail can be put together in about 10 seconds if you have the required ingredients. Let’s just say that this cocktail is best consumed with caution… Find the full recipe at Country Living.

Ingredients: absinthe and chilled champagne.

3. Black Magic

Halloween is based around darkness, so this shimmering black cocktail is ideal for a Halloween party. It uses edible pearl dust to create a stunning ‘starry night’ effect that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Find the full recipe at Elle Talks.

Ingredients: black vodka, lime juice, syrup and edible pearl dust.

4. Poisoned Apple

The traditional Halloween colours are black and orange, but green is also a great colour to use as it is able to project an eerie light through it. This green apple cocktail would also be great at serving later on in the week on Bonfire Night, as it tastes a little bit like a sour toffee apple!

Find the full recipe at Cooking With Curls.

Ingredients: apple soda, caramel vodka, apple vodka and apple slices.

5. Ghost-tini

If you’re looking for a fun, novelty drink, then look no further than the Ghost-tini. It is based around vodka and white chocolate, then topped off with candy goggly eyes for comic effect. Find the full recipe at Tonya Staab.

Ingredients: whipping cream, sweetener, vodka (vanilla or chocolate flavoured), rum (or rum liqueur), white chocolate truffles, ice and candy eyes.

6. The Blackbeard

Our last adult cocktail is the pirate-y Blackbeard, which as you can imagine, is based around rum! It’s a jet black colour which isn’t achieved by adding food colouring, but by instead using a more nautical natural colourant – squid ink! Find the full recipe at Honestly Yum.

Ingredients: spiced rum, fernet branca, creme de cacao, squid ink (or black food colouring) and chocolate stout.

Halloween Drinks For Kids

Mock-tails have all the fun of a cocktail but without the alcohol, so that the kids can join in with the party!

7. Lemon Slime Punch

This mock-tail is essentially just a spruced up lemonade, but the addition of sherbet sprinkled on top is what makes it special. Sherbet mixed with a fizzy drink creates a later of foaminess that kids will love! Find the full recipe at Make Bake Celebrate.

Ingredients: Sprite (or another lemon/limeade), Hawaiian fruit punch and lime sherbet.

8. Witch’s Potion

This is a great drink to make with children, as there are many different ingredients and decorations that you can use to create it! Find the full recipe at Lil’ Luna.

Ingredients: lime sherbet, ginger ale, pineapple juice, green food colouring, lime slices and gummy worms.

9. Dracula’s Blood Punch

Whilst it doesn’t contain any alcohol, this blood red mock-tail would more suit older children and teenagers as it does contain sophisticated flavours such as chilli and cloves that younger children probably wouldn’t find appealing. Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Ingredients: cherry juice, orange peel, red chilli, cinnamon stocks, cloves, ginger and fang sweets.

10. Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

Is there anything that would suit a Halloween party better than eyeballs suspended in jelly? These child friendly ‘shots’ are a sure crowdpleaser and have a lovely sweet grape taste that everybody young or old will love! Find the full recipe at Sugar Hero.

Ingredients: white grape juice, powdered gelatin, ginger ale (or another clear soda) and gummy eyeballs.

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