10 Top St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

St. Patricks Day Party Ideas

Throwing a St Patrick’s Day party this year, but need a little inspiration? We’ve got lots of St Patrick’s Day party ideas to make your Irish-themed bonanza one to remember! Whether it’s set to be a boozy affair or fun for all the family, read through these top 10 St Patrick’s Day party ideas for making your bash a hit.

1. Make a playlist

No party is complete without a great soundtrack. Whether you’re sticking with traditional Irish folk songs or going for something a little more modern, your playlist will set the mood for your party. Take some time to create a playlist on your streaming service of choice.

2. Set a dress code

When it comes to St Patrick’s Day, green is the colour. Encourage your guests to come dressed with a pop of emerald – a badge, hat, or t-shirt is enough to comply with the dress code. Alternatively, if your guests are a little more dramatic, you can insist on head-to-toe green. It’s a great way to get your guests in the St Paddy’s Day spirit!

3. Bring out the party favours

This can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. Wrap green smarties or chocolate coins in these pretty glass jars – they’re gorgeous as little pots of gold!

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4. Create celebration cards

Cards are a simple way to celebrate any holiday – and St Patrick’s Day is no exception. While cards aren’t traditionally exchanged, it’s a great excuse to offer goodwill and greetings to your nearest and dearest. Online retailers such as Moonpig offer a huge range of St Patrick’s Day cards – or you can even make your own!

5. Make green jelly shots

Jelly shots are always a fun way to get a party started – and if they’re green they’re all the more festive! Use your spirit of choice and green jelly cubes to make this fun treat that’s guaranteed to go down well with all the grown-ups at your St Patrick’s Day party. For an extra Irish twist, take a look at this recipe for Guinness Green Jelly shots. Make sure you have the right tools for the task – get your shot glasses here!

6. Brew your own (green) beer

Green beer is a super popular St Patrick’s Day party idea, and we completely get it. It’s guaranteed to wow your guests, and it looks great on the ‘gram, too. There are a ton of recipes available online – just pick your favourite! Don’t forget – you’ll need food safe beer bottles and caps for your homebrew. Pick them up at wholesale prices here.

7. Offer Guinness – in a keg

Speaking of beer, where would your St Paddy’s Day party be without the ultimate Irish brew – Guinness? As the host, make life easier for yourself by filling a mini party keg with this traditional Irish stout so your guests can help themselves.

8. Pour a round of Irish whiskeys

Whiskey (with an e!) is a staple of Irish pubs the world over – so it’s the perfect liquor for toasting St Patrick himself. For an extra flourish, bottle your whiskey in miniature bottles. Alternatively, share a larger bottle in these classy glass tumblers. They’re ideal for clinking.

8. Create pots of gold

Fill mason jars with chocolate coins to make adorable pots of gold! Kids and grown-ups alike will be excited to dip into this particular treat. For a more indulgent treat, try this with gold leaf chocolates.

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10. Finish the night with an Irish coffee

For daytime parties, Irish coffee is the perfect way to round off the event. Add a dash of whiskey and whipped cream to a freshly brewed black coffee for a deliciously decadent after-dinner tipple.

Our St Patrick’s Day party ideas are great for your next Irish-themed bash. Whether you’re having low-key drinks with friends or having the whole family round, there’s a lot you can do to make your event one to remember.

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