20 Creative Valentines Day Ideas

creative valentines day ideas

Whether you and your other half have a homemade-gifts-only rule for Valentine’s Day, or you just fancy flexing your craft muscles, we’ve collated 20 creative Valentines Day ideas for you to explore.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get creative. It’s the one time of year that over-the-top cutesy celebrations of love are not just allowed – they’re expected. And what says “I love you” better than a cute creative homemade gift?

Of course, not everyone has the time to plan an elaborate treasure hunt, while some people won’t settle for anything less than a full-blown Valentine’s Day extravaganza. That’s why we’ve grouped our creative Valentines Day ideas by how much planning goes into each one. So whether you’re working at short notice or you’ve still got some time to spare, take a look at these creative ideas for Valentine’s Day below.

Last minute creative Valentines Day ideas

1. Homemade card

Some couples go for cards-only on Valentine’s Day, and we don’t blame them. It’s a no-frills gesture that says everything you need to say. But that’s no reason not to get creative! Making your own card is a really personal way to show your affection. Whether you go for an in-joke or use one of the tutorials here, a homemade card is guaranteed to get you Valentine’s points.

2. Indoor picnic

In February, it can be a little cold to feast in the great outdoors – but there’s no reason why you can’t picnic in your living room. You can find a ton of picnic recipes here, from the simple to the decadent. Save your leftovers in food pots to reduce waste – romance can still be eco-friendly!

3. Date night jar

This one’s super simple – all you need is a jar, a pen, and a little inspiration. Fill the jar with lots of different date night ideas for the year ahead, and have your other half pick one out at random whenever you like. Tie a ribbon to the jar neck for a final flourish.

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4. Sweet jar

Another easy idea here. Fill one of these traditional sweet jars with your loved one’s favourite sweets or cookies. They’ll appreciate the sweet treat, and the cute jar is a great excuse to keep the biscuit tin topped up in future.

5. Flowers

It’s a classic, but with good reason. Whether you’re gifting fresh cut freesias or a begonia bouquet, you can level up your flower game by presenting your posy in a vase, bottle or jar. Extra points if you decorate the jar.

6. Mason jar fairy lights

These are cute enough to gift, but you can also hang them around the house for a soft romantic Valentine’s glow. Bundle up a string of battery-operated fairy lights, place them in a simple mason jar, and voila – a creative Valentines Day idea that’s all about creating a romantic atmosphere.

7. Succulent surprise

Succulents are the houseplant du jour. They’re cute, simple, and easy to maintain – they have all the meaning of flowers, but they last much longer. Lots of succulents arrive in kooky plant pots, but if you’re looking for something a little different or more demure, you can re-pot your succulent in a classy votive.

8. Message in a bottle

For real fantasy island vibes, deliver a heartfelt message in a bottle this Valentine’s Day. All you’ll need is a small bottle and a little roll of paper. This gift is one your other half will add to the memory box to look back on in years to come.

Creative Valentines Day ideas to plan in advance

9. Homemade beer

Depending on your recipe, you’ll need to start your homebrew a month or so in advance of gifting it, so this is an option if you have a little more time on your hands. If you like the idea but don’t have that long, take a look at alternative non-alcoholic recipes that don’t take as long to ferment. Juices, smoothies and mocktail mixes are great alternatives!

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10. Sugar scrub

If your partner likes a good pamper sesh, sugar scrubs are a really thoughtful gift – especially if they’re homemade. We like the sound of this sugar scrub recipe – it involves simple but effective ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen cupboard. All you’ll need is a gorgeous jar to put your sugar scrub in! We recommend lidded PET plastic jars for the bathroom – it’s crystal clear like glass, but totally shatterproof. It’s a win-win!

11. Candles

Try your hand at making your own candles for your loved ones. Candles are the epitome of romance – and homemade ones make them all the more special. Make sure you use a candle jar that’s suitable for hot fill so your wax sets and burns safely.

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12. Aromatherapy set

Essential oils are an amazing gift for Valentine’s Day. They’re extremely versatile – use them in candle wax melts or perfumes to create a fragrant infusion. Find out what your other half’s favourite scents are and create a personalised aromatherapy set just for them. Simply fill small, unique aromatherapy jars with small amounts of their preferred essential oils.

13. Bubble bath

This bubble bath is super easy to make – it just requires a few specialist ingredients to get the foamy fragrant effect you’re after. Use your partner’s favourite essential oil to infuse with their preferred scent. Fill one of these pretty plastic bottles with your homemade concoction – PET won’t shatter, so it’s perfect for slippery or bubbly hands!

14. Homemade ice cream

Forget fancy ice cream makers – you just need 2 ingredients and a whisk for this recipe! We recommend pairing it with lots of sprinkles and a movie. Store the leftovers (if there are any!) in a freezer-friendly ice cream tub.

15. Love bug biscuits

These ladybird-inspired biscuits are so cute they’ll pull at even the hardest of heartstrings. You’ll need a steady hand to pipe the icing, but these biscuits are worth the effort. Save any uneaten love bug biscuits in an airtight container. They’re perfect with a brew at any time of day.

16. Bee mine honey jar

Pair a classic honey jar with a cute message card for a versatile Valentine’s Day gift. A deliciously sweet jar of honey can be given to show your appreciation for just about anyone special in your life. Just print off the front and back of the message cards for another of these creative Valentines Day ideas.

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For the super crafty

17. Painting

If your artistic skills are finely honed, this is one for you. Paint your loved one a picture of a place that’s special to both of you – or, if you’re feeling super-inspired, try a portrait. Not sure you’ve got the expertise required? Try something a little more abstract – it can be surprisingly easy to paint something beautiful!

18. Planters

On a budget? These adorable planters are a great way to reuse bottles while adding a splash of greenery to your home. Use the printable templates to maximise cuteness while minimising your spend – and reducing your household waste.

19. Make a photo frame

Photo frames are a gorgeous way to gift a memento, especially if you have a lot of fond memories (or want to make some more!). The only way to make this gift more special is if you make your own frame. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration!

20. Nautical mason jar holder

If your partner likes a stylish nautical theme, this DIY knotted mason jar holder could be the perfect decorative touch for their home. It’s a really simple, effective way to spruce up your standard mason jar! See a simple tutorial here – and find your perfect mason jar here.

All these crafts are fabulous, creative Valentines Day ideas, no matter what your skill level or budget is. We stock a huge range of jars, bottles and containers that are perfect for all kinds of crafts – so if you want to get ahead on your next creative venture, don’t forget to check out our affordable, reliable containers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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