5 Back To School Tips For Parents

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The summer holidays are nearly at an end, so if you’re a parent of young children, you’ll soon be back to preparing packed lunches, trying to get them out of bed and in the car/bus on time… what fun! But no fear, we’ve got a couple of back to school tips that you might find useful as you gear up to the new term.

1. Get Back Into The Routine

One of the hardest things about going back to school is getting back to a regular sleeping pattern. Make sure to start the new term the way you mean to go on, by starting to get your kids back into that structured routine again. This means a set bedtime and waking up on time! After 6 enjoyable weeks of sleepovers, lie ins and late nights, you’ll be glad that you got back into the swing of things a couple of days earlier so they could readjust.

2. Have Lunch Ideas Ready

If your children take packed lunches to school, it can be easy to fall into a repetitive routine and serve up the same thing every day. Sandwiches, crisps and an apple are great, but perhaps not when you have them every day. Check out one of our posts from last year all about easy, yet healthy, school lunch ideas for kids for inspiration!

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3. But Don’t Forget About Breakfast Either!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is especially true for school children, who have to have enough energy to power their brains all the way until their first break at around 10:30am. If you’ve been awake since around 7am and haven’t eaten a proper breakfast, then that feels like a lifetime when you’re hungry! Feed their growing brains with a breakfast that will keep them full for longer, with meals such as:

  • Porridge
  • Toast and fruit
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Granola and yoghurt

4. Get School Supplies Organised

Now your child might have a pencil case that they take to school, but what about when they need to do homework? If you’ve got enough room, then having a dedicated study area in your home for your kids to quietly get on with their homework can be really useful in order for them to concentrate. An organised desk equals an organised mind, so instead of shoving all their stationery into a drawer or scattered over the desk, one of our best back to school tips is to invest in a few storage tubs or jars. They’ll never lose a pen again…

stationery items back to school prep Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_grafner'>grafner / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

5. Give The Odd Treat For Good Work!

It can’t be all hard work and no play, however old you are! Make sure to keep some small rewards on hand for when your kids do well at school, whether it’s a night at the cinema, their choice of tea or a star on the star chart.  If they’ve been especially well behaved, a sweet treat from a good old-fashioned sweet or cookie jar is the perfect reward… in moderation of course!

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