8 Winter Skin Care Tips

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Suffering with cracked, dry skin? We’ve all been there! As winter draws in and the cold begins to bite, our skin often is the first to suffer as all the moisture is sucked out of it! It can be hard to maintain a good skin care routine in winter, but here are our 8 top winter skin care tips that could help you out over the coming months.

1. Use Natural Soap

We would recommend avoiding soaps and lotions that are water based and filled with chemicals. Oil based soaps are the way to go through winter, as they add a protective layer over your skin that locks in moisture. Look out for products that contain coconut oil, avocado and almonds, as these ingredients will reduce clogging of your pores than can cause spots.

2. Moisturise Before Bed

You probably already have a skin care routine that you go through every day whether you know it or not – applying moisturiser after a bath or shower, washing your face in the sink each morning… etc. One more item on this list during winter needs to be moisturising before bed.

Firstly, it is so important that you take off any make-up before you go to sleep, as leaving it on can have dramatic effects on your skin! After you have removed it, wash your face with lukewarm water and then apply a rich moisturiser.

3. Exfoliate

Our skin is constantly producing new skin cells to replace the ones that have died (the cells that cause the dryness). Therefore it is important that we clear away all our dead skin cells regularly to make way for the new ones by exfoliating.

Stay away from products that contain plastic micro beads, as these have been shown to do harm to our environment when they are disposed of, so instead we recommend using products that have natural exfoliators such as sugar and kernels. Just make sure not to scrub your skin too hard, as you don’t want to get rid of healthy skin!

4. Protect Your Extremities From The Harsh Weather

It’s no coincidence that it’s our hands, feet and face that suffer the most with dry skin, as they are the parts of our bodies that are most often exposed to the elements. Make sure to wrap warm whenever you go outside with hats, scarves and gloves to keep them as protected as possible.

5. Wash In Lukewarm Water

Now we know that it can be hard to resist getting into scalding hot showers and baths when it is so cold outside and indoors, but you must try to stay away from really hot water! Overexposure to hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils – the ones that keep your skin soft! If you do have to have hot showers or baths, just make sure to keep them short; otherwise, stick to slightly cooler water.

6. Humidify The Air

The dryness of the air during the winter months is what causes our dry skin so, as well as moisturising, it is a good idea to try and humidify the air as much as possible. Step forward the humble humidifier! You can pick them up from home stores and online for as little as £10, with the ability to set timers so they turn on during the night when your skin can get the maximum benefit of the extra water in the air. Be careful when using humidifiers around people with lung and breathing conditions such as asthma, as they can act as an irritant.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

It goes without saying that if we are hydrating our skin from the outside, we should be hydrating them form the inside as well. Aim to drink around 8 glasses of water per day (or around 1,6 litres for women and 2 litres for men) to get the optimum hydration. Try to not drink too many diuretic drinks, such as tea, coffee and alcohol, as they encourage your body to urinate – therefore losing liquid!

8. Use Lip Balms

Chapped lips are the bane of many people’s lives through winter, so make sure that you always have a lip balm or chap stick on hand to alleviate the irritation. However, some lip balms are more effective than others. Pick lip balms that do not contain humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine, as they actually pull moisture from the skin and make your lips dryer.

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