Autumn Home Décor Ideas

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Autumn is here, which can often feel like a sad moment in the year. The nights are getting darker, the days are getting colder and the warmth of the sun seems like a distant memory…  But we’re here to give you ideas on how to brighten up your home this autumn using all the fabulous colours and food of the season. Check out our autumn home décor ideas below!

DIY Jar Flower Vase

One way to brighten up your home and pretend that summer is still here is through flowers! Instead of opting for a conventional ceramic flower vase, why not go for a slightly different, quirky approach? A large mason jar makes a fantastic replacement for a vase and you can decorate them to match the décor in your house!

Check out the example above, where the addition of a string bow around the neck of the jar makes all the difference into turning it into a rustic autumn accessory.

Mason Jar Leaf Lamp

We’ve found this great little tutorial from Spark And Chemistry, who have created an Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder that looks absolutely stunning!

We’d recommend using battery operated tea lights rather than real fire, as we’re wary about the dead leaves catching fire easily! If you opt for real candles, please make sure that the jars are being supervised at all times they are lit. If you need some mason jars for this little arts and crafts project, and for the flower vase idea above, we’ve got you covered!

Pickle Your Vegetables

Autumn is a great time to pickle vegetables, which you can actually turn into a great display in your kitchen if you store them in stylish glass jars on a nice shelf! Pickled vegetables last around 5 – 6 months when your pickle jars are stored in the fridge, but it is fine to keep them out if the jar hasn’t been opened yet. Once you open your jars, make sure to keep the rest of that batch of pickle in the fridge from then on and eat within a few days.

Pickled vegetables can add an extra zing to salads and side dishes and they are so easy to make and store! We have a couple of great pickle jars here at Ideon, if you’re stuck for storage!

It’s Candle Season!

Autumn and winter are prime time for candles! Is there anything cosier than snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket on a cold evening, in front of a film, surrounded by candles? Or a long, hot soak in the bath surrounded by candles? You see where we’re going with this… It’s easy to make your own candles at home; all you need are the following items: wax flakes, candle wicks, non-toxic crayons, essential oils, sauce pan, skewers or chopsticks, tape, a stove and scissors. Check out the full tutorial at She Knows. It’s a great activity to do with children as well!

Here at Ideon, we have an extensive range of glass candle jars and votives that you can fill with your homemade creations!

Got any more autumn home décor ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

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