Make a change this January


Clear plastic cosmetic jarThe festive holidays are over and many of us are now begrudgingly back at work. Now would be an appropriate time to book a holiday so that you have something to look forward to; create a new goal to keep you motivated or do something else that will help to get you through January. Alternatively, if you run a business, you could try something new to get 2017 off to a positive start. Whether it’s fresh branding, a new style of packaging or formulating a new product, there’s no better time to create a little excitement.


One way to spruce things up is to switch from your current product packaging to something new. If you’re having a re-brand to try and attract more consumer attention, or if you're expanding your product range, a new style of packaging may be quite fitting. Alternatively, if your unique selling point for 2017 is product ingredient transparency, a change of packaging may be more appropriate to convey the use of natural ingredients.


New packaging for the New Year


Here at Ideon, we pride ourselves in offering a huge variety of packaging to choose from, giving you the option of using glass, plastic or aluminium containers for your products. If you’re struggling for inspiration or you want to switch packaging but you’re unsure of what to switch to, we’ve come up with some packaging alternatives below.


Plastic and glass juice bottlesSwitch from: plastic to glass juice bottles

Glass juice bottles offer a vintage and premium look. Although our plastic juice bottles do not contain BPA, a glass bottle can reassure consumers that there is definitely no risk of any chemicals leaching into the drink.


Plastic spice jarsSwitch from: spice jar flapper caps to grinder caps

A selection of our clear plastic spice jars are now available with grinder caps. Although our flapper caps are useful for pouring and shaking herbs and spices, our grinder caps are perfect for dispensing premium salt, peppercorns and other seasonings.


Plastic cosmetic jarsSwitch from: white to clear plastic cream jars

Our sleek, stylish squat and cylindrical clear PET plastic jars are perfect for natural and organic face, hand and body creams, bath salts and other beauty products. Being able to see the product in its container lends itself well to product transparency.