British Food Fortnight: Recipes To Try

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Did you know that the 24th September to 8th October this year is British Food Fortnight? Now is the time to celebrate all the fantastic local ingredients that make this nation proud and can produce hugely tasty dishes! Whilst the world often looks down on British cuisine, often seeing it as just being based around pies and batter, we know that our food can be some of the best in the world when prepared correctly.

Just think about all the great dishes that have come out of Britain: Sunday Roasts, Full English Breakfasts, Shepherd’s Pie, Pie & Mash, Fish & Chips, Eton Mess, Victoria Sponge…. The next two weeks is the perfect time to celebrate all these delicious meals and have a go at cooking them at home. Check out these recipes that we’ve collected below to make the most of Britain’s great food!

Fish & Chips

If there ever was a dish that sums up the UK, this is the one! Excluding the traditional Sunday Roast, this is probably the meal we are best known for around the world, and for good reason. Crunchy beer batter, flaky fish and fluffy chips, all topped off with tangy tartare sauce and mushy peas. Make sure to buy British caught fish so that our fishermen get the support that they need to keep on catching great produce.

Find a full recipe for posh Fish ‘n’ Chips at Great British Chefs.

Scotch Eggs

A British picnic and party favourite! Why settle for the supermarket brands when you can make your own using top British ingredients? The recipe is full of tasty UK treats including Cumberland or Lincolnshire Sausages, Worcester Sauce, English Mustard and free range eggs. The beauty of making Scotch Eggs at home is that you can make them as large as you want!

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Mini Pork Pies And Piccalilli

The perfect partner to Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies are another fine party food that we couldn’t do without. This is another recipe where you can use high quality British meat from your local butcher to help out small British businesses. This recipe pairs the pork pies with piccalilli for an added flavour.

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Find a full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Although not a traditional British dish, this curry has become so popular that it is now classed as a national dish! It is claimed that this curry was actually invented in London, whilst obviously using traditional Indian flavours. Create this yummy meal using free-range British chicken to really bring out the best of British!

Check out this great recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Bakewell Tart

Who doesn’t love this classic pudding, crammed full of almonds, jam and buttery pastry? This recipe presents a great opportunity to get children involved in cooking, as you could up the ante and make your own jam! Take the kids fruit picking so they can see where the ingredients come from and learn about local food. Best of all, you’ll have some homemade jam left over from your tart to eat on toast and in sandwiches!

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Find a recipe for a dairy free Bakewell Tart at Tesco Real Food.

How will you be celebrating British Food Fortnight? Comment below and let us know!

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