Why Choose Airless Dispensers?

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Do you manufacture cosmetics or toiletries? Looking for lotion pumps that are stylish and great value? Then have we’ve got the best bottles for you! Our Airless Dispenser Bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with clear, frosted or opaque plastic bottles to choose from, in capacities ranging from 15ml to 150ml.

Not only do they look fantastic, but these bottles also offer so many useful benefits for your products:
  • No air bubbles;
  • Reduces product wastage;
  • Reduces product contamination;
  • No need to add preservatives;
  • Dispenses precise amounts of your product every time.

The airless technology of the bottles means that you don’t have to keep the bottles upright in order to dispense, as it creates an airtight seal that also means that your product is not exposed to contaminants from the air, reducing the need for preservatives. They’re ideal for packaging cosmetics such as foundation, facial cleaners, hand cream, hair serums, body lotions… the possibilities go on and on! For a high quality, stylish cosmetic product, you need look no further than Airless Dispenser Bottles.

Our clear and frosted airless dispenser bottles come in sizes ranging from 15ml to 100ml and come complete with standard length dip-tubes, which can be trimmed down to size with scissors. However, if you’re after an opaque bottle, then look no further than our White Airless Dispensers. Their squat shape and clever dispenser nozzle cap means that they have no need for a dip tube!


All prices listed are for 1 unit of the product; you can get a lower price per unit when you by in bulk quantities.

Clear Airless Dispenser Bottles
  • 15ml – From £3
  • 30ml – From £3.53
  • 50ml – From £3.59
  • 100ml – From £3.89
Frosted Airless Dispenser Bottles
  • 15ml – From £3.11
  • 30ml – From £3.74
  • 50ml – From £3.74
  • 100ml – From £3.97
White Airless Dispenser Bottles
  • 50ml – From £1.58
  • 100ml – From £1.63
  • 150ml – From £1.97

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