DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

halloween decoration ideas

It’s October and Halloween is fast approaching! It’s never too early to get prepared for your big Halloween bash, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on overpriced decorations – just use your DIY skills on things that you already have! Why have not a go at making some of our Halloween decoration ideas?

Terrifying Tissue Paper

The ultimate in DIY Halloween decorations; you can create the appearance of an unravelled mummy or a crime scene with the simple addition of streams and streams of toilet roll thrown about haphazardly.

Frightening Furniture Protectors

A great way to protect your furniture from liquids that would otherwise stain the fabric – just grab some old white bedsheets and drape them over anything that you want to keep safe from spillages. It’s not only practical, but it also helps to make the house look even spookier!

Eerie Eyeballs In Jars

Get some fake eyeballs, fill some glass jars with water and place a load of the eyeballs in them. It’ll look like your house belongs to a cannibal! You can do the same for fake teeth, toes, fingers and much more…

Ghoulish Garden Lanterns

Create your own DIY lanterns to place outside (if the weather permits!) by placing tea lights in empty glass jars and tying them up with a bit of string. If you use jars made from green-tinted glass, you’ll get an awesome, eerie effect as well as a handy outdoor light source!

Chilling Candles

You can also create the same effect indoors, using simple candle votives. Why not make them look extra Halloween-y by wrapping your candle jars in bandages then adding goggly eyes so they look like Egyptian mummies!

Haunting Handmade Cards

If you’re cooking a themed sit-down meal for your friends and family on Halloween, why not add a personal touch to your table placement cards? You could use black paper to write out your dinner guests’ names in spooky, ghostly pale handwriting and add some blood drops for good measure.

Petrifying Poison Bottles

A great little ornament idea – take some empty wine or beer bottles, paint them black and add a skull & crossbones or radioactive icon to make it look like a bottle of poison or other dangerous substance.

If you don’t have any empty bottles knocking around, we have a great selection of dropper bottles that could easily look like tiny poison bottles from hundreds of years ago.

And for a bonus Halloween points, make your own Halloween-themed drinks!

Creepy Cocktails

When we think of Halloween-themed cocktails, the first one that comes to mind is the ‘Zombie’ – one of the most powerful drink creations out there! Made from various different types of rum, sugar, fruit juice and grenadine, it’s sure to put hair on your party guest’ chests! Find two different recipes for a traditional Zombie cocktail right here.

We’ve got a great jar to serve up your creepy cocktails in: our Quattro Stag Jar. It’s got a handle so that even your most inebriated guests can keep a firm grip on it!

Got any Halloween decoration ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments! 

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