Easy Easter Recipes

easter recipes

Easter food is awesome. You’ve got succulent roast lamb, buttery hot cross buns, warm bread and yummy chocolate… It’s one of the best times of year to get creative in the kitchen and try your hand at some Easter recipes! Easter recipes don’t have to be difficult; there are plenty of easy food ideas that adults and kids will both enjoy.

Easter Biscuits

These simple biscuits are great to make with young children, as they can get creative with how they decorate them. Essentially, these are just normal plain biscuits that are covered in icing, so you can make a big batch for friends and family to enjoy! Why not store your leftover biscuits in one of our fridge-safe plastic storage pots so they stay fresh?

Ingredients: plain flour, caster sugar, salted butter, eggs, vanilla extract, royal icing sugar, food colouring, apricot jam and lemon curd.

Get the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

One-Pan Easter Lamb

roast lamb easter recipes

Lamb Easter recipes are a quintessential part of the Easter season and have been for centuries. The roots of this tradition stretch back before the birth of Christianity. At the first Passover, according to the Old Testement, Jews in Egypt were ordered by Moses to sacrifice a lamb and paint their front door with its blood so that the plague could not enter their homes and God would ‘pass over’ them. Many Jews who later converted to Christianity were accustomed to eating lamb on Passover and so carried over this tradition to their Easter feasts. Christians also often refer to Jesus as the ‘Lamb of God’. Early Pagans would choose to eat lamb at the start of spring as it was the first meat available after winter.

If you don’t fancy trying a tricky lamb dish, have a go at this one-pot roast lamb – it only takes 20 minutes to prepare and the oven does the rest!

Ingredients: leg of lamb, olive oil, oregano, rosemary, lemon, garlic, red chilli, potatoes, fennel, white wine and chicken stock.

Read the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Creme Egg Tray Bake

Creme Egg hunting season is here! Everybody’s favourite treat from Cadburys is so synonymous with Easter that it would almost be rude not to bake something with Creme Eggs at the centre. This traybake is a sweet, moreish cake that all the family will love (if they’re not sick of chocolate already)!

Ingredients: baking spread, caster sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, baking powder, icing sugar and Creme Eggs.

Find the full recipe at Cadburys.

Simple Simnel Cake

A simnel cake is a light fruit cake that has been baked in the UK and Ireland since medieval times and is unusual in the fact that the cake is boiled before it is baked. The true origin of the recipe is unknown, but simnel cakes were associated with Mother’s Day before the 20th Century, when they started to be eaten at easter.

Traditionally, simnel cakes are distinguished by their 2 layers of marzipan (one in the middle and one on the top) and the circle of marzipan ‘eggs’ that form a ring around the top of the cake. We’ve found a fantastic easy recipe for simnel cake that cuts out all the complications but keeps all the great taste!

Ingredients: oranges, Cointreau, mixed dried fruit, glacé cherries, marzipan, butter, golden caster sugar, self-raising flour, eggs, milk, blanched almond, caster sugar, icing sugar and orange juice.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Hot Cross Buns

easter recipes hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are an icon of Easter in the UK. They are baked to mark the end of Lent, with the white cross on top signifying the crucifixion of Jesus. There aren’t many things nicer than a warm, toasted hot cross bun topped with butter and jam…

Ingredients: strong white bread flour, salt, caster sugar, instant yeast, unsalted butter, eggs, full-fat milk, water, sultanas, chopped mixed peel, oranges, dessert apples, ground cinnamon, plain flour and apricot jam.

Find the full recipe at Paul Hollywood.

Braided Easter Bread

This braided Easter bread is almost like a brioche, as it is a sweet bread that would pair very nicely with a cup of tea. Compared to many breads, this one takes a relatively short time to make, at only 1 hour to prepare and bake!

Ingredients: sugar, instant yeast, vanilla extract, salt, flour, milk, butter, eggs and water.

See the full recipe at That Skinny Chick Can Bake.

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