Easy Dessert Pot Recipes

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Ever wondered how you can make your puddings stand out from the rest? By serving them in a fancy dessert pot… it’s what all the fancy restaurants are doing! They’re the perfect way to add a little something extra to your dessert without looking pretentious (see slate for plates and fryers to serve chips).

From posh serving glasses to Le Parfait Jars – we’ve got the perfect dessert pot for you!

Here at Ideon, we’ve got a fantastic range of dessert pots that are ideal for single servings of your delicious sweet treats! Our sizes range from a small 20cl right up to large 500ml jars that you can serve sharing portions in. Or just eat it all yourself…

So whether you’re a restaurateur searching for quality glass serving pots or simply an individual wanting to make their dinner party stand out from the rest, you need to take a look at our awesome range!

Why not try out these easy dessert pot recipes at home?

Champagne & Raspberry Possets

A posh pudding for posh dinner parties. Best of all, it only takes 15 minutes to turn it from plain ingredients into a tasty dish. It perfectly balances the dryness of prosecco with the sweetness and tanginess of raspberries.

Ingredients: Frozen raspberries, champagne, double cream, golden caster sugar and shortbread.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Lemon Cheesecake

Tangy and creamy all at once, this lemon cheesecake is a real crowd pleaser. We’ve got the perfect mason jars you can use to present this dessert in! Introducing our Le Parfait Jars; featuring the distinctive embossed logo and orange rubber lined seal to pack in freshness.

Ingredients: Cream cheese, sugar, flour, vanilla essence, sour cream, lemon juice, lemon zest, eggs, lemon curd and water.

Find the full recipe at Lynnae McCoy.

Eton Mess

A British classic that is so easy to make. All you need is some crushed meringue, strawberries and cream; mix it all together and voila! No cooking required (unless you’re being fancy and making your own meringues).

Ingredients: Meringues, strawberries, whipped cream and any other berries you desire.

We think that our Verrine Glass Jar is perfect for serving up this yummy dessert in!


An easy take on this Italian favourite makes the perfect end to a dinner party. It only takes 20 minutes to assemble!

Ingredients: Black coffee, amaretto, sponge fingers, eggs, golden granulated sugar, mascarpone, dark chocolate, amoretti biscuits and vanilla extract.

Find the full recipe at Olive Magazine.

Salted Caramel Popcorn Pots

Why choose between sweet and savoury when you can have both? The sea salt helps to counteract the overbearing sweetness of caramel, making it very easy to have larger portions without getting that sickly sweet feeling! Which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your viewpoint…

Ingredients: Double cream, milk, toffee popcorn, gelatine leaves, caramel and flaky sea salt.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

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