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As the trees begin to shed their leaves and the nights draw in and get colder, we start to retreat back into our cosy homes and create a cosy atmosphere to hunker down in during autumn and winter. What better way to enjoy your home during these seasons than by filling it with appealing scents and warming tones? Here at Ideon, we offer our wide range of aromatherapy bottles, candle jars and essential oil vials at affordable prices and they come with the option to add matching closures to complete the look.

With no minimum order, you can order as many or as little as you want! So whether you’re a beauty or home fragrance brand looking for quality packaging, or are just looking for good-looking jars and bottles to store your products in at home – you’ve come to the right place!

Reed Diffusers

Not only do reed diffusers smell great, they also look fantastic. They almost look and act like pot plants, with the reeds wafting delicious earthy smells around the room. We have plenty of bottles and jars that are suitable for reed diffusers in many sizes. Here are a few of our recommendations, which can all also double up as perfume bottles.The 15ml Ace Bottle is a small bottle that is perfect for travel sets or a pungent home fragrance that has to be dispensed in small amounts. This bottle comes with a black, EPE lined screw on cap that seals in the freshness of your scents. This makes it a great choice for brands that are bottling fragrances on a mass scale. Our prices for this bottle can go down to just 14p per unit when you buy in bulk!

Our 30ml Simplicity Bottle is a strong, stylish and made from high quality glass that shows off your product in perfect clarity. Our Simplicity bottle collection comes in a range of sizes, making it a great option for bottling whole product ranges. Get up to 33% off the price per unit when you buy in bulk!

Our most traditional-looking reed diffuser is the 100ml Paradis Diffuser Bottle. It has a square, modern styling that features a thin 12mm neck that will keep your reeds standing upright and spreading the fragrance around the room. Best of all, these bottles come with synthetic stopper caps to keep your fragrances fresh when not in use. Prices start from £3.50 per unit but this price falls with the more bottles you order!

Essential Oils

Show off your range of essentials oils and remedies in one of our rustic style stopper apothecary and dropper bottles. They come in a variety of colours and sizes so you can pick and choose depending on your brand.Our smallest glass bottle suitable for essential oils is the tiny 7ml Red Glass Bottle which has a sprayed red coating. It comes with a cork stopper to complete the rustic look.

Our 50ml Amber Apothecary Glass Bottle is widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as the amber-tinted glass filters out harmful light rays to protect your products. It comes with a snug fitting glass stopper lid that perfectly fits the top of the bottle.

The best thing about our 30ml Blue Glass Dropper Bottle is that it is compatible with so many of our closures, including pipettes and screw caps, so that the range of products you can use this bottle for is much wider. The cobalt tint of the glass will make your product stand out on the shelves and can even add value to your brand!


Candles are surely the most popular fragrance-related product on the market because you can create so many different variations and attract so many different types of people. Our range of candle glasses caters to candle brands of all qualities and prices at an affordable cost!Our 15oz Classic Glass Candle Jar evokes the feeling of Yankee Candle; with a heavy-duty glass base and optional glass lid. The smooth sides give you plenty of space to stick your branded labels and the push down lid seals in the smell of your fragrances until they are used. Prices for this jar can go as low as £1.96 per unit and there are larger sizes in the Classic range also available!

If you’re selling tea lights or smaller sized candles, look no further than our 30cl Karen Votive. It has a thick, sturdy base, which keeps the bottom of the votive cool when the candlewick is lit. It is suitable for hot fill, perfect for homemade candles, or it is the perfect size to simply place a tea light in! From as little as 92p per jar!

Our Flat Glass Dish is ideal for multi-wick candles and floating candles due to its large base. We think its ideal for a table centrepiece , but you could fill it with potpourri or even serve desserts in it!

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