How To Store And Protect Your DIY Skincare Lotions

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How To Store And Protect Your DIY Skincare Lotions

When you’ve put the hours in creating a fabulous range of DIY skincare products, the last thing you want is for them to go bad or stop working within a few days. With many recipes recommending ingredients that include fruit, yoghurt, honey and other foodstuffs, it’s important that you know how to store and protect your goods.

So – where to start?

There are lots of skincare packaging types on the market, so it can be overwhelming to choose the one that’s got everything you need. Here’s your need-to-know guide to DIY skincare packaging to help you choose the jar or bottle that’s right for you.

Glass, Plastic Or Aluminium?

Choosing the material that’s best for your product depends on your ingredients and your aesthetic. Plastic and aluminium are much less fragile than glass, so if you want to carry your lotions and potions around with you, these are probably better options. Alternatively, glass bottles offer a more vintage look, so if you’re looking for a more stylish container, this could be the material for you. Glass, aluminium and many plastics are all recyclable, though glass is renowned as being the more eco-friendly of the options.

Choosing A Cap

Most cosmetic jars come with a twist-off lid. For extra protection and secure storage, choose a lid that’s EPE-lined. This type of cap forms a seal between the jar and the lid when it’s screwed on, which prevents contamination and reduces exposure to air and moisture, helping preserve your DIY skincare balms for longer.

With bottles, your cap choice is very important as it controls how easy it is for you to dispense your product. For lotions, creams and serums, pump and dispenser caps (such as flip top or disc top) are the best options. For body sprays and fragrances, we recommend an atomiser spray cap. Ours come with overcaps to prevent accidental spills in your bag!

Which Colour Is Best For My DIY Skincare Products?

You might think the colour of your cosmetic bottle or jar is all up to aesthetics – but it’s not quite that simple. Some skincare product ingredients may be sensitive to light, and using an amber-tinted bottle can significantly reduce the UV light exposure of your product. If you’re not planning to label your bottles, using different coloured bottles can also help you differentiate your products from one another.

Extra Product Protection

Some DIY skincare solutions need a little added protection – especially if you’re using specialist ingredients. And specialist ingredients call for specialist packaging! Airless pump bottles are ideal for preserving lotions naturally, without adding chemical preservatives, as they keep your products airtight – so they’re perfect for natural, organic goods.

If your product is more suited to a jar – think balms, eye creams and nail stickers – these double walled cosmetic pots are another fantastic choice if you need a little added protection. They also come with a protective shive to keep your products extra secure.

Sourcing Your Packaging

Many packaging companies don’t allow you to buy just one or two jars – but that’s where Ideon’s different! We cater to crafty creators like you, who may be making products in individual quantities, or on a much smaller scale than large cosmetics companies. That’s why we offer all our skincare bottles and jars with no minimum order quantity.

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