Jam Making Tips For Beginners

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It’s almost autumn, which is primetime for jam makers! This is the time when the fruit is ready for picking and is able to create the most flavoursome jams and preserves for you to enjoy at home or mass-produce for the global marketplace. So how can you make an amazing jar of jam? We’ve got a few jam making tips for you, as well as a great selection of glass jam jars, so that you can make the perfect pot every time.

Choose Slightly Under Ripe Fruit

Fruits that are slightly under ripe create the best jam, as they generally contain more pectin (more on that next), which helps your jam set more easily.

Brush Up Your Knowledge About Pectin

But what is pectin we hear you ask?  Pectin is a fibre found in fruit and vegetables that help the cell walls hold their structure. It is the substance that jams needs to be able to thicken and set. Some fruits contain more natural pectin than others, for example strawberries have less pectin than blueberries and gooseberries. Therefore if you are making strawberry jam, it might be a good idea to add in a small quantity of high pectin fruit to help it thicken. Alternatively, you can buy some commercial pectin powder to add in which does the same job and won’t affect the taste.

Get Creative With Spices

Traditional jam is simply fruit boiled with sugar, but why not make your preserve stand out from the rest by adding something a little different. Spices can pair perfectly with certain types of fruit, such as vanilla and cherry, ginger and plum, and loads more! It would certainly set your jams apart from the competition and gives you plenty of scope to branch out into seasonal flavours to keep your brand fresh.

Use Jars With Screw Top Lids

Traditional jam makers cover their jam jars with wax discs in order to keep germs and bacteria away from the jam and forming any mould while it sets. However if you simply secure your jars with a metal twist-off lid, this performs exactly the same function. Obviously you will need to make sure that your lids are airtight for this to work. Luckily for you, here at Ideon we have a wide range of glass jam jars that come with airtight metal twist-off lids!

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Our jam jars range on sizes from a tiny 30ml right up to a huge 3000ml (3 litres!) and all come with the option to add a twist off lid, with exception to our Le Parfait range which comes with a hinged, rubber lined lid attached. This gives you options to serve single serving pots for use at breakfast buffets in hotels for example, or retail to the mass market with standard family sized pots.

Be Patient

Jam can take up to a week to fully set, so don’t tumble into despair if it doesn’t set straight away!

Don’t Label Jars Until They Have Cooled Completely

The heat escaping from the jar as your jam cools will cause your labels to wrinkle and peel off. Wait until your jams are completely set and cooled before placing your labels for the very best professional appearance.

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