Make The Most Of Movember!

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Next month, the men of Britain will once again be growing their facial hair for 30 days, all in aid of raising money for men’s health charities. Find out more about Movember by visiting the official website. This presents a lucrative opportunity for beauty companies to bring out themed ranges of men’s grooming products such as beard oils and waxes so that the guys can tame their manes!

Just like this fashion-conscious guy below, you never know how many people will want to keep their beards and moustaches after November is over, so it’s time to start creating demand!

We’ve got a great range of men’s grooming items that are ideal for packaging oils and waxes that’ll keep the men of the UK looking neat and tidy. Whether it’s for your range of clay waxes or delicate beard oils, we’ve got the perfect jar, bottle or tub for your business – all at fantastic prices!

With no minimum order, you can order 1 or 1,000!

Waxes & Foams

Any long moustache or beard is going to need a bit of taming to stop it looking out of control, which is where wax comes in. We recommend retailing your beard wax range in our stylish aluminium jars, such as the 15ml Aluminium Jar shown below. They come in a variety of sizes, from the small 15ml up to a large 150ml, all coming with a matching EPE-lined lid. This prevents any of your wax leaking from the jar as well as keeping it in its optimum condition, free from contamination.

The men who simply can’t face keeping their beards and moustaches after Movember are going to need some shaving foam. Look no further than packaging your shaving foam range in one of our bottle with lotion pumps. We have high quality aluminium bottles like the 100ml Aluminium Bottle, which is available with a choice of white, silver and black lotion pump closures.

Alternatively we have our plastic lotion pump bottles, such as the 150ml Black Bottle, which come in black or white opaque plastic and are the more cost effective option. Best of all, they’re made from PET plastic which is recyclable!

Oils & Balms

For more luxurious styling, oils are the way forward. Our collection of glass bottles is designed specifically with essential oils and fragrances in mind, making them ideal for men’s grooming. We also have a range of glass jars that can show off your balms with crystal clear clarity.

The 100ml Sirop Bottle is a rustic style glass bottle that is perfect for beard oil! Our Sirop Bottles are also available in clear glass and in other sizes ranging from 30ml up to 500ml!

We also have the 15ml Ace Bottle, which is great for packaging high end, more expensive oils, and the 50ml Flask Bottle, which offers you a larger surface area to place your branded label and stickers to with its flat shape.

For balms, look no further than our ointment jars, such as the 500ml Ointment Jar, which are available with a black or aluminium screw on lid to lock in freshness.

So get in there before Movember is over and make the most of the excess of bearded men!

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