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Halloween is past us and, once Bonfire Night is over, the smoke will clear and Christmas will come into focus! With less than 2 months to go until the big day, brands and retailers need to be gearing up their products for the festive season and gift sets are a massive part of the market.

Luckily for your business, here at Ideon we have a great variety of miniature jars, bottle and tubs that are the perfect size to include in your gift sets. Let us talk you through our favourite items, which are all available at very competitive prices!


Never are food-based gift sets more popular than at Christmas! Whether it’s an expensive cheeseboard or a selection of chutney’s, we’ve got the ideal containers for you.

Our ranges of mini jam jars are the perfect size for including in food hampers and selection boxes, and are just begging to be filled with tangy chutney, sweet jam and even herbs and spices. We have a selection of different shapes and sizes, from the traditional 30ml Mini Jam Jar to our 45ml Hexagonal Jam Jar. We also have the 70ml Verrine Jar, which is slightly larger and has a lovely curved bottom.

All these jars come with the option to add a twist off lid of your choice, which are rubber lined to seal in the freshness of your food. They are also all available in larger versions.


Another popular gift set idea is small bottles of spirits with a classy tumbler or shot glass to accompany it. We have plenty of miniature glass bottles that are ideal for this purpose, along with votives that give your customers a stylish glass to sip them from.

Our 50ml Flask Bottle is the ideal vessel for an aged whisky, tasty gin or strong vodka, with the flat surface being perfect for placing your branding, as well as making it easy for you to place in a gift box.

Our 500ml Quattro Stag Glass Jar is less for spirits and more for cordials and children’s drink sets, but it can be fun for adults as well! Each of these jars comes with a gold screw on cap for a stylish finish. For a wine and cheese set that will please all the family, look no further than our 187ml Bordeuax Wine Bottles. They’re the size of a single serving, making it a perfect for a gift selection of wines.

To see our selection of shot glasses and tumblers to pair with these bottles, please click here.


Perfumes, bath sets, make up kits… beauty is BIG business around the festive season so you’d be a fool not to cash in on it! From aluminium tubs for lotions and creams, to mini bottles for nail varnishes, we’ve got the miniature packaging you need to complete your festive beauty gift sets.

Our 15ml Aluminium Jars have EPE liners within their lids, which locks in your product quality and stops any leakage. The aluminium finish makes your brand look ultra modern and fresh!

For moisturisers and foams, our airless dispenser bottles are very useful. They do not have an inner dip tube unlike plenty of other dispensers, which gives them a clean look and high product visibility.

Finally, a massive best seller for a lot of beauty brands during Christmas is nail polish kits. Our AceMadeleine and Karen Bottles are the perfect size and shape for all manner of nail polishes and nail protectors.  As well as being suitable for nail varnishes, they are also fantastic for use as fragrance diffusers!

If you have any questions about our ranges, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 0161 367 1411 or send your enquiry via our contact form, where we will be happy to help you find the perfect packaging for your business needs.

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