PCR10: An Environmental Initiative For Plastic


Looking for plastic products, but don’t want to add to the single use plastic epidemic? We may have a solution for you, thanks to the new PCR10 environmental initiative! The term ‘PCR’ stand for ‘post-consumer recycled’ and refers to any material that has been placed in the recycling system after having already served its purpose as a product. As part of their new PCR10 initiative, plastic manufacturers have committed to using PCR material to manufacture at least 10% of certain HDPE and PET plastic items made in the UK in 2019.

The post-consumer recycled plastic material that is used will be sourced from the UK wherever possible, so that the carbon footprint generated in order to manufacture these new products is kept as small as possible. Ideon warmly welcomes the PCR10 initiative as we become increasingly aware of the impact that single use plastic is having on our planet and the efforts needed to make packaging more sustainable. We do hope that manufacturers continue to innovate products and inspire consumers to make positive changes, and we will continue to promote these efforts!

Benefits Of PCR10 Products

  • They encourage responsible plastic manufacturing;
  • They reduce plastic waste;
  • They give greater choice to consumers;
  • They reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

PCR10 Products At Ideon

Currently, Ideon has three products that are part of the PCR10 initiative:

As well as these few products, many of our current HDPE and PET products will also be phased out and replaced with the new identical PCR10 models in 2019 once the old stock has been used! Please do keep an eye out for information on PCR10 products in our product descriptions to see which products are part of this group.

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