Plastic Bottles With A Twist!

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Looking for cosmetic bottles with a difference? Want to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Then our Cardboard Effect Bottles are the perfect choice for you. On first sight, you’d think that these bottles are made from pure cardboard, but on closer inspection you’ll see that they’re actually made from plastic!

These clever bottles are manufactured using HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, which is fully recyclable, lightweight and very strong. This type of plastic is typically used in products such as milk bottles, children’s toy and even in water pipe systems, but this time it has been given new life in our cosmetic bottles! The plastic has been given a cardboard effect, giving it a unique and appealing look. We think that these bottles would be ideal for packaging cosmetic products that have an environmentally friendly edge, such as non-animal tested or containing natural ingredients.

Obviously these types of socially responsible brands want to use the most socially responsible packaging, which unfortunately plastic is usually not. However, you cannot package cosmetics such as liquids and creams in actual cardboard, as it would leak out everywhere and is simply not viable. These bottles offer you a practical container, with the reassurance that they can be recycled. The cardboard effect only serves to enhance this image in the mind of your consumers!

Our range of Cardboard Effect Plastic Bottles currently stocks 4 sizes: 50ml100ml250ml and 500ml, giving you plenty of options to experiment with your product range. Each bottle comes complete with a matching screw top lid, also made from HDPE.

This range is absolutely perfect for beauty brands that use organic, natural ingredients and want to convey this to their customers, as well as online businesses who want to reduce the amount of breakages upon delivery (thanks to HDPE’s impact resistant properties).

What more could you want from a plastic bottle? Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about this range by ringing 0161 367 1411 or emailing via our contact form. Or just start shopping online now!

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