1 Litre Clear Glass Sirop Bottle & 28mm Atomiser Spray

1 Litre Clear Glass Sirop Bottle & 28mm Atomiser Spray

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1 litre glass bottle is traditionally used for medical and chemical solutions, but paired with our 28mm atomiser spray cap is ideal for a range of fragrances, beauty products and toiletries. The atomiser sprays liquids as a fine mist and comes complete with the dip tube included.

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1 Litre Clear Glass Bottle With Spray

A traditional, vintage shaped glass bottle our 1 litre clear glass Sirop bottle complete with 28mm white, screw on atomiser spray which dispenses liquids as a fine mist. A tough and durable bottle. Ideal for a wide range of toiletries, cleaning products and aromatherapy supplies. The atomiser spray comes with a clear plastic, protective cap which prevents accidental discharge during transit or storage.

This bottle is part of our Sirop bottle family. and available in a range of sizes, as well as being compatible with an assortment of closures. Something to consider if you have a range of products, yet still want the same uniformed look throughout. Size ranging from 30ml up to 1000ml. Our Sirop collection is also available in clear glass as an alternative.

28mm atomiser Spray

The 1000ml Clear Glass Bottle comes with a 28mm atomiser spray cap that can dispense your products in a fine mist. It comes with a clear over-cap to stop the atomiser from being accidentally pressed down when the product is in transit or not in use. It also comes with a standard length dip tube that can be trimmed down to size very easily using scissors. Available in 2 colour choices: Black or white, perfect for getting the right look for your company branding.

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  • You can buy our gloss silver spray head if you want something a little different – Here

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