30ml Black Glass Dropper Bottle & Atomiser Spray

30ml Black Glass Dropper Bottle & Atomiser Spray

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30ml Black Glass Spray Bottle

This 30ml Black Glass Spray Bottle is a stunning container that reflects the quality of your products and really does make this combination . Unlike other cheaper sprayed alternatives on the market, Ampulla dropper bottles consist of pure Black tinted glass. The result is a tough, reusable bottle – perfect for eco-conscious brands.

The Black glass offers protection against UV light, so it’s great for storing light-sensitive products. Our high-quality, durable Black glass droppers will ensure your oils are well-protected, properly stored, and beautifully presented. It’s a superior packaging choice for a variety of products, including hotel amenities, aromatherapy solutions, hand creams and essential oils.

At Ideon Packaging, we allow all customers to order any amount, from just one unit! However, if you do decide to purchase in bulk, we’ll apply large discounts to your order when you check out. We suggest that all bulk-buying customers conduct tests of our packaging before placing large orders. That way, you can check that our packaging meets your requirements before making a larger investment.

Buy 30ml Dropper Bottles With Atomiser Spray Heads Online

The spray head is made from quality black polypropylene, a strong and high durable plastic. The head of the spray is tamper-evident this provides a clear indication to whether your product has been previously opened. This helps prevent product tampering. The spray head also comes with a clear dip tube, which you can trim to ensure compatibility with different bottles. The spray comes with a clear plastic overcap to keep the head free of dust, and to prevent accidental use.

Product Summary
  • 30ml capacity.
  • Price includes bottle and atomiser spray.
  • Buy this bottle along with a range of different caps.
  • Ideal for organic essential oils & natural products.
  • Our dropper bottles are available in 5 other colours; amber, blue, green and clear.
  • No minimum order needed.
  • Buy wholesale for extra discounts!

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