38mm Black Smooth Flip Top Cap

38mm Black Smooth Flip Top Cap

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38mm Plastic flip-top cap with an I.H.S liner. Liner prevents leakage, and if used with a heating machine will adhere to the bottle neck to create an airtight seal. Compatible with our 38mm plastic squeezable sauce bottles.

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38mm Smooth Plastic Flip Top Cap And I.H.S Liner

Our 38mm Smooth plastic flip top has an I.H.S. (Heat Induction Seal) liner. This is a liner with a foil finish, when used with heat machine the foil liner adheres to the bottle neck, creating a tamper evident and air-tight seal. Liner can also be used without a heat machine and helps prevent leakage. The flip top reveals a valve hole. The valve stops drips and helps prevent product build up and mess around the opening.

  • Compatible with 38mm neck squeezable plastic sauce bottles
  • Black and white pourer flip top caps also available

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