50ml Glass Vodka Bottle & 20mm Polycone Screw Cap

50ml Glass Vodka Bottle & 20mm Polycone Screw Cap

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Classic shaped Miniature 50ml clear glass spirit bottle and 20mm black screw cap great, for housing a single serve vodka, whiskey, gin and more. The body of the bottle is perfect for adding your own label.

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50ml Glass Vodka Bottle With 20mm Polycone Screw Cap

50ml Miniature clear glass vodka/ spirit bottle comes with a 20mm Polycone screw cap. This is the perfect bottle for single serve vodka, whiskey, gin and other spirits. It would come in handy for taster gift sets or distillery shops.

Our Vodka bottle isn’t just restricted to spirits.. A handy sized bottle for wedding favours, promotional products, food colourings and flavourings, flower essences, herbal remedies, inks and dyes. The choice is yours!

Bottle comes complete with our 20mm black Polycone cap. Cap has a coned clear plastic liner, which creates a tight airtight seal once screwed onto the bottle. Perfect for preserving the freshness of the product within.

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