5ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & 18mm CRC Dropper Cap

5ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & 18mm CRC Dropper Cap

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5ml Green glass dropper bottle with 18mm child resistant dropper cap and plastic insert, reliable packaging for the storage and transportation of aromatherapy and massage oils, blends and treatments. Buy in bulk or single quantities!

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5ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle With Child Resistant Cap

5ml green glass dropper bottle with 18mm child resistant (CRC) dropper screw cap. The cap includes a clear dropper insert, this insert sits in the bottle neck, and reduces the opening, controlling the flow to a drop-like dispense. Whilst the child resistant feature helps protect younger children from accessing harmful solutions. A small yet tough bottle you are able to reuse time again, perfect for fragrances, essential oils, aromatherapy products, beard oils and more!

Includes 18mm Child Resistant (CRC) 18mm Dropper Cap with plastic insert (Helps control the flow of dispense). 1.5mm flow.

Unlike many cheaper alternatives on the market our dropper bottles are pure green glass and are not just sprayed green. high quality glass dropper bottles for the blending of your essential oils, carrier oils, massage oils, floral waters, candle fragrances, e-liquids and grooming product, the list really is endless!

Our green bottles have a range of sizes, which is great for a uniformed look across a product range. If you’re looking for a stylish bottle this stylish green bottle won’t let you or your product down. View our full range of green glass dropper bottles – Here

  • Bottle price includes an 18mm aluminium screw cap
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