Summer Party Decoration Ideas

summer party decoration ideas

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love a traditional British garden summer party! Delicious sandwiches, delectable nibbles and delightful party games all make for a great day for all your family and friends. To add an extra dash of glamour to your event, we’ve put together this list of summer party decoration ideas to impress!

Pick A Theme

Decorations look so much better if they are picked around a central theme. Whether it’s a Hawaiian beach party, French inspired or aimed to appeal to children, the décor you pick should reflect it.

Why not create some party favours that your guests can take home with them? Such as little bags of sweets, a key ring or even a  print out of a group photo if it’s a special occasion.

Light It Up

Often, the best part of a garden party is when the sun begins to go down and creates a lovely dusky ambience. But you’re going to need some outdoor lighting to keep the party going! A cheap alternative to buying lanterns is a homemade candleholder. Simply take an empty glass jars and fill them with candle wax and wicks (or tea lights).

Then you just have to light the candle and hang from a convenient, fire safe place such as a tree or simply place it down on a table where it would make a lovely centrepiece! It doesn’t use any electricity and can create a bit of warmth when it starts to get chilly. We’ve got a good selection of candle jars, big and small, that are perfect for parties.

Alternatively, why not hang some fairy lights around your garden structures and create an outside paradise?

Stylish Snack Bowls

Elevate your nibbles by taking them out of the branded packets and transferring them to a stylish snack bowl. You can just keep topping them up throughout the day with different crisps, nuts, fruit and more.

Added bonus – No one will know that you’ve opted for the supermarket own-brand crisps if they can’t see the packet…

Make A Statement

As well as the standard bowls and glasses your cupboards are probably full of, why not add something a little different? Just like this totally awesome Eagle Decanter, which is ideal for showing off an expensive whisky or port, and definitely one of our most unusual summer party decoration ideas!

Or you could opt for old school style with a Le Parfait Jar, which are embossed with the traditional mark and have distinctive orange rubber seals to keep their contents fresh for longer. They’re great for storing biscuits and sweets. There’s nothing more suitable for a summer party!

Floral Centrepieces

One of the best things about summer are the vibrant colours of the trees and flowers that emit such lovely scents (not so lovely if you suffer from hayfever…). Pop down to your local florist who will be able to make you a stunning centrepiece for your table, or why not have a go at arranging your own for that personal touch?

Extra Tips For A Successful Summer Party
  • Make sure you have plenty of ice cubes at the ready;
  • Use paper plates and plastic cups to save on washing up (but make sure to recycle them!);
  • Have a wide selection of food and drink, as different people have different tastes;
  • Ask guests to approve your food selection beforehand, or at least try to cater for many different tastes;
  • Make sure that there is a sheltered area outside for if the weather turns unexpectedly;
  • Relax and enjoy your party!

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