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The rise in the use of e-cigarettes has been astronomical in the last few years and with it has emerged a whole new business sector. Just walk down your local high street and we guarantee you will see a vaping shop before long! According to recent statistics published in The Guardian, 4% of people in England, Scotland and Wales are e-cigarette users – making it a huge market to tap into.

E-liquids are an essential part of any vaping kit and are available in a huge assortment of flavours to cater to all palettes. Here at Ideon, we’ve got a fantastic range of plastic and glass e-liquid bottles that you can use to add maximum value to your vaping products!

Plastic Dropper E-Liquid Bottles


Our plastic droppers come in 5ml and 10ml size options, and are great for the controlled dispensation of liquids. Not only are they perfect for e-liquids, they would also be suitable for products such as eye drops and beard oils!

5ml Natural Plastic Dropper & Cap

These small e-liquid bottles come complete with a white tamper evident cap to give your customers peace of mind. The plastic is low density and squeezable, allowing you to dispense the e-liquid easily and controllably.

An ideal sized bottle for travel packs.

10ml Natural Plastic Dropper & Cap

These 10ml e-liquid bottles are made from natural LDPE plastic which is transparent, so that you can see the fill level of your liquids. Again, they come with tamper proof caps to prevent contamination and stop leakage.

Glass Dropper E-Liquid Bottles

Our glass droppers add a little more glamour to your e-liquids than the regular plastic bottles and come in a variety of colours.

10ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

This amber glass bottle would be great for bottling rustic flavours of e-liquid, such as tobacco and cola. You can choose from a variety of lid options: pipette, dropper, screw top or no lid at all!

10ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle

These bottles are made from high quality green glass, which are not sprayed unlike some other cheaper versions on the market. Again you can choose which cap option you want and it is also compatible with our other 18mm closures. We think that we’d bottle peppermint flavoured e-liquid in this coloured bottle…

10ml Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

This is a high quality glass bottle that would be great for bottling fruity flavours of e-liquid such as blueberry or blackcurrant. As well as these amber, green and blue versions, we also have a clear glass bottle available.

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