Top 10 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

elf on the shelf ideas

If you’ve got young children, then you’ll definitely be aware of Elf On The Shelf. They are cheeky little scout elves that have been sent by Santa from the 1st – 24th December every year to find out who is on the naughty list or nice list! They report back to Santa every night about your children’s behaviour and return each morning to hide in a new spot and wait to be found. As well as bringing some Christmas magic for children, an Elf On The Shelf also gives adults the chance to become mischievous and get creative when it comes to finding new places to hide him each morning! Remember, you need to think of 24 different places… Luckily, we’ve been scouring Pinterest to find inventive and funny Elf On The Shelf ideas that you can try out this December.

1. Hide In A Jar

Make sure to leave a note from your elf next to the jar just like the mum above has done, but you can change the story to suit your kids. How about “I climbed into the biscuit jar to grab a treat, but I ate them all and now I can’t get back out…”. Your children can be the heroes of the day and rescue him!

2. Chillin’ In The Fridge

He lives in the North Pole, so he’s used to cold conditions… This is one of the easiest Elf On The Shelf ideas to implement!

3. Lovely Lunchtimes

Let your elf lead your kids by example by letting him take credit for a Christmas-themed lunch for school one day.

4. Toilet Humour

What a naughty elf! All you need to recreate this embarrassing scene is a small glass jar for your Elf On The Shelf to perch on, a chocolate chip and a tiny strip of toilet roll.

5. Cereal Messages

Why not leave an inspiring or funny message from your scout elf for when your kids come down for breakfast, made from their favourite cereal? ‘Work hard’, ‘good luck’ or simply ‘good morning’ are all good ideas.

6. Hostage Situation

If your children are slightly older and are able to understand a bit of dark humour, then this funny toy hostage situation is a great Elf On the Shelf idea!

7. Hide In A Bottle

Take a plastic or glass bottle that has a wide neck, then place your elfish friend inside. You can create a story that he was thirsty and fell in the bottle and now needs your children’s help to escape!

8. Swing From The Ceiling

Create an elvish playground for your tiny friend to enjoy, with just a toilet roll and some string!

9. Go Fishing

Got any spare bath toys? Put them to good use by turning the sink or bath into a fishing pond, with your Elf On The Shelf positioned as a keen angler!

10. Flour Angels

Who wants to wait around for it to snow, when you have perfectly good flour at home?

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