Ideon’s 8 Best Travel Toiletry Bottles

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The start of summer holiday season is now upon us! If you’re jetting off to warmer, sunnier climes over the next few months, you’ll likely be taking a wide range of health and beauty products from home with you. But what if your favourite brand of shampoo, moisturiser or perfume is too big to put in your hand luggage or take through airport security? Step forward our range of small, perfectly sized travel toiletry bottles!

Decant your cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances into our small plastic and glass bottles and you’re free to take them on board and abroad! All of our travel toiletry bottles hold 100ml or less, in order to comply with air travel safety rules. Check out our 8 favourite bottles from our range below.

1. 10ml Amber Glass Roller Bottle With Metal Roller Ball & Cap

travel toiletry bottles 10ml amber glass roller

This small glass bottle has a roller ball top that is ideal for applying lip gloss, but is also perfect for applying roll on fragrances and essential oils. The great thing about this handbag-sized bottle is the amber-tinted glass it is made from. This tinted glass acts as a UV light filter, which is very useful when storing light sensitive products and is also very handy if you’re going on holiday to a very hot, sunny country!

Perfect for: roll on fragrances and lip gloss.

Price: £1.05 each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

2. 20ml Clear PET Therapy Bottle & Dropper Cap

travel toiletry bottles 20ml therapy bottle

If you are a user of e-cigarettes, then you’ll know how handy these plastic dropper are for storing e-liquids. This bottle comes with a dropper cap that allows you to dispense small drops of your liquids at a time, which helps to reduce product wastage. It is made from clear PET plastic, which is 100% recyclable! As well as e-liquids, these bottles can also be used to store medication such as eye drops.

Perfect for: e-liquids or medicines.

Price: 39p each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

3. 50ml Glossy Black Plastic Bottle & Flip-Top Cap

travel toiletry bottles 50ml glossy black plastic bottle

This bottle is also made from lightweight PET plastic, meaning that it won’t weigh down your bag too much! It comes with a flip top cap, which allows you to dispense your lotions with the simple squeeze of the bottle.

Perfect for: moisturisers and hair care products.

Price: 54p each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

4. 50ml Simplicity Clear Glass Bottle & Black/Silver Atomiser Spray 

travel toiletry bottles 50ml simplicity bottle with atomiser spray

You can fill this stunning little glass bottle with your perfumes and body sprays, as it comes complete with a silver and black atomiser spray cap. This cap has a dip tube which can be cut down to size with a pair of scissors, and can dispense your product in a fine mist. the cap also comes with a clear over-cap, which stops the spray from accidentally activating whilst you’re travelling.

Perfect for: perfumes, hair styling sprays and body sprays.

Price: £1.16 each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

5. 50ml Tottle Plastic Bottle With Clip & Flip-Top Cap

travel toiletry bottles tottle bottle

Our 50ml Tottle Plastic Bottle is perfect for filling with shampoo, conditioner and hand sanitisers, as it has a clip on the back of it that you can clip onto your bag and belt for your convenience. It comes with a flip top cap for easy, squeezy dispensing.

Perfect for: hand sanitisers and hand creams.

Price: 40p each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

6. 100ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & Aluminium Cap

100ml sphere bottle aluminium cap

If you like your travel toiletry bottles to have a stylish edge to them, then look no further than our 100ml PET Plastic Sphere Bottle. It is a perfect sphere, meaning that it can easily fit into tight spaces in your suitcase and is comfortable to hold in your hand (no sharp edges!). As well as our standard aluminium screw caps, this bottle is also available with lotion pump and atomiser spray caps.

Perfect for: bubble bath and mouthwash.

Price: 58p each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

7. 100ml White Airless Dispenser & Over-Cap

100ml white airless dispenser

Airless dispenser bottles stand apart from other cosmetic bottles, as they have the ability to dispense without drawing air back into the product within. There is no dip tube, unlike in other lotion pump bottles; instead, the bottle creates a vacuum when the cap is pressed, which draws the product up and out of the pump. It’s also available in a smaller 50ml version!

Perfect for: body lotions, foundation, hair serums and cosmetics.

Price: £1.75 each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

8. 100ml Clear Airless Dispenser Bottle & Silver Over-Cap

100ml clear airless bottle

Last, but not least, we have our 100ml Clear Airless Dispenser Bottle. It works in the same way as the white versions above, but is clear to show off the product within it. It’s a more luxurious looking bottle thanks to the silver coloured lining of the cap and bottle surround. Airless technology is perfect for oxygen sensitive products, as it reduces the need to add preservatives.

Perfect for: body lotions, foundation, hair serums and cosmetics.

Price: £5.24 each (or lower when you buy in bulk).

Now you’re all set to jet off on your holidays, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got all your favourite toiletries with you!
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