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Sometimes a normal glass just doesn’t cut it. When you’ve got the best single malt whiskey or aged brandy, you want to sip in from a stylish tumbler. Here at Ideon, our selection of stunning tumblers and shot glasses offers you high quality glassware without the high price tag.

Our range of shot glasses and tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, from a small 5cl right up to 38cl. We also have a fantastic 500ml Quattro Drinking Jar in this collection, which comes with a gold cap that is rubber lined to keep the drink inside fresh. We think that it’s perfect for serving modern cocktails in, with the jar looking right at home in a fancy cocktail bar. But back to tumblers! All our glassware is made from high quality, heavy-duty glass that gives off a luxury feel to your beverages, but without the luxury price. Our glassware is stylish, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and you an order as many or as little as you like  – from 1 unit to 1,000 or more! Take a look at a few of our favourite tumblers below.

Our smallest tumbler is the 5cl Gabrielle Votive, which is the perfect size for serving shots of your preferred spirits. Their small size makes them easy to store and their thick, sturdy base ensures that they are suitable for stacking without fear of breakages. A slightly bigger tumbler is our 8cl Glass Cube, which boasts a modern square design that makes it easy for you to create eye-catching displays by seamlessly slotting the cubes together. They’re perfect for bars, pubs and for home use!  Our 20cl Meredith Votive is just large enough for serving whiskey on the rocks to your most distinguished friends and family. It’s simple, elegant and an ideal choice for bars, pubs and restaurants to have ready for serving shots and spirits.

Prices for our shot glasses and tumblers start at just 64p each for the smallest item, but prices are even further reduced to as little as 35p per unit if you buy in bulk quantities!

Other Potential Uses

Our glassware is suitable for not only serving up drinks, but are also great for packaging plenty of other products, such as:

  • Candles
  • Wedding Favours
  • Desserts

The larger tumblers make excellent candle votives, with the high sides of the glass making it great to place tea lights in safely and meaning that they are also easy to fill with your own candle wax and fragrances! The thick base of the tumblers means that heat from a candle cannot travel through the bottom of the container and damage the surface it has been placed on.

Another potential use for our glass votives is to turn them into sweet wedding favours for your big day!  You could fill a votive with mini chocolates or sweets for your guests to enjoy as part of the wedding breakfast or to take home, put nice thank you messages in them, or you can even have the glasses engraved so that each guest has a personalised shot glass! Finally, you could use the larger glasses to serve fancy potted desserts in, such as Tiramisu and Eton Mess. We think they’d suit restaurants that serve up mini puddings alongside a hot drink at the end of a meal, giving your customers just enough of a dessert but not too much!

There are so many possibilities!

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