Wedding Favours Fit For Royalty!

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We don’t know if you’ve heard (it’s not been publicised that much) but there’s a royal wedding coming up this weekend. Even if you haven’t got the budget of Harry and Meghan, you can still make wedding favours fit for kings and queens to leave for guests at your own summer wedding this year! Check out the best ideas that we’ve found…

Bottles Of Gin

Gin is quintessentially British and is the Queen’s favourite tipple; reportedly her Maj has a gin and tonic everyday before lunch! A woman after our own heart… Why not place tiny bottles filled with your favourite gin on your guests’ tables? Not only does it look generous, it’ll also help to get the evening disco started! Check out our range of miniature bottles that are perfect for pouring your spirits into.

Scented Candles

For a longer lasting memento of the day, scented candles are the way to go. They are so easy to make at home yourself: all you need is some wax, scented oils and wicks! Why not go the extra mile and print out a little label to decorate them with so that guests will be able to keep it after they’ve used the candle?

Love Potions

Play matchmaker with your guests by concocting a set of naughty love potions! You could encourage your friends and family bite the bullet and give them to the person that they’ve been eyeing up all year… You don’t even have to be a witch to put these potions together – we reckon a shot of rose wine or strawberry flavoured liquor will do the trick! Our 7ml and 15ml Mini Red Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers would be absolutely perfect for serving these up in!

Pick ‘n’ Mix Pots

For those with a sweet tooth, pick ‘n’ mix pots are the perfect choice! Not only can adults enjoy them after their meal, but kids and teenagers can also appreciate them. A great idea would be to source some retro sweets that remind you and your guests of your own childhoods for some enjoyable nostalgia.

Pots Of Jam

If you’re having a rural, countryside wedding, then gifting guests with pots of preserves such as jam, chutney and curds is a great way to celebrate. You could source these from local producers or even make your own batches and attach a little recipe to the jars for your guests to try out at home! Check out our range of jam jars and ornate jars that are ideal for potting your sweet treats.

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