10 Fun Facts About Cosmetics

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Cosmetics have been around for centuries, in fact, they’ve been used since the Ancient Egyptian era! But what other fun facts do you know about beauty products through the ages? Well we’re here to educate you with our fun facts about cosmetics!

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1. In medieval times it was very desirable to have very pale skin, so women who didn’t have porcelain skin naturally would cover themselves with leeches! The leeches would suck their blood until they looked paler! Source.

2. In the 1930’s, some cosmetic products contained radioactive material, including radium, chloride and thorium, as it was believed that radiation was good for the skin. We’re very glad that they’re not still on the market in 2018! Source.

3. Every year, Americans spend more on beauty than on education. Source.

4. Whale vomit and whale poo are highly expensive ingredients used in fancy perfumes, because they ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. They are valued at around $200 per gram! Source.

5. Women in the Elizabethan era used coal tar as eyeliner and mascara. Not surprisingly, many went blind… Source.

6. Brazil has 900,000 ‘Avon Ladies’ – that’s more people that are in their army and navy! Source.

7. A Thai beauty treatment includes a slap in the face, which is meant to combat wrinkles! Source.

8. The British Parliament passed a law in 1770 that condemned lipstick, saying that ‘women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by a cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft’. Source.

9. South Korean men use 21% of the world’s men’s cosmetics and make-up products. Source.

10. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church considered the use of cosmetics to be a sin, apart from for people who had been made unattractive by illness. Source.

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