8 Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Drinks

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Here at Ideon, we are just mad about drinks bottles as we are surrounded by them every day! We thought we’d find out some interesting facts about drinks brands and bottles that we didn’t know…

Dr Pepper was founded by a pharmacist called Charles Alderton in 1885

He liked the smell of medicine and fruit syrup that combined and mingled in the pharmacy he worked in so much, that he created his own soft drink from it!

The first ever Fanta recipe was developed in Nazi Germany

During the Second World War, Coca Cola couldn’t send any syrup to their factory in Germany. The factory had to get inventive with leftover ingredients (which included whey and apple fibres) to meet German appetite for soda, which became called Fanta due to the German word for imagination ‘fantastich’. It was discontinued after the war, and the orange flavour wasn’t added until the 1950’s when it was reintroduced in Italy and eventually worldwide.

The glass bottle design of Coco Cola is a registered trademark

The distinctive bottle was trademarked in 1961 after the 14 year patent ran out, which was very unusual for a commercial package. The bottle was known for a period as the ‘hobleskirt’ bottle, which was a fashion trend involving tapered skirts during the 1910’s, which caused the wearer to ‘hobble’ due to its long length finishing just below the knees.

The indent on the bottom of wine bottles is called a ‘punt’

It is thought that the punt originated from how glassblowers used to create the bottles and contributed to the bottle’s structural integrity. It has also been argued that the punt is there to collect sediment as the wine ages over time.

It takes more water to make a plastic water bottle than it does to fill the water bottle itself

For every litre of bottled water sold, it took 3 litres of water to make the plastic bottle that holds it.

The production of alcohol has been traced back to at least 10,000 years

Early farmers noticed that fruit that had fallen off the trees and bushes tasted ‘fizzy’, and over time began to manufacture fermented drinks in an organised fashion using honey and wild yeasts. The Middle East started producing wine-type drinks around 6000 BC, with Egypt making it a booming business around the Mediterranean by 3000 BC.

Until the mid 1600’s, French wine makers used oil soaked rags in place of corks

Natural cork stoppers only became commonplace in the 1800’s! Not sure that anyone would be happy with that these days…

There are 13 minerals that are essential for human life, and they are all found in alcohol

The 13 elements are potassium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and molybdenum. Who knew? (Please continue to drink responsibly – we are fairly sure that you cannot survive off alcohol alone…)

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