The Men’s Cosmetics Industry Is Worth $50 Billion!

men's cosmetics

The men’s cosmetics industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, with the sector being worth close to $50 billion in 2016 and has likely grown further since then! So what is driving this strong interest in male grooming? The modern man is shaking off the cavemen stereotypes of the past of what ‘manly’ means, and is embracing beauty enhancing methods like never before. Women are more empowered and no longer feel like they need to be protected by a big burly man such was the norm only a few decades ago, leaving men free to embrace their more feminine side if they so wish!

Men, especially in Europe and the USA, are slowly become more conscious about their appearance, with new modern hair and beauty fashions such as designer stubble, man buns and ‘guyliner’ becoming commonplace in magazines and celebrity culture, therefore influencing the general public on how they present themselves. Whilst most men aren’t quite at the stage of regularly applying lipstick and mascara just yet, the biggest sector for the male grooming industry is skincare. Now is the ideal time for your beauty brand to tap into this growing market and make a name for yourself as a market leader – and we’ve got the high quality cosmetics packaging you need to achieve this!

Did You Know?
  • According to a 2016 survey by Mintel, almost half of men in the UK use skincare products as part of their daily routine and 59% agree that personal appearance is very important.
  • South Korea represents the largest market for men’s cosmetics in the world, with men there spending $495.5 million on skincare and make-up in 2011 – accounting for 21% of sales in the global market!
  • 1 in 7 men in the UK used fake tan in 2016!
  • 1 in 3 men spend more than 30 minutes each day carrying out their beauty routine.
  • 43% of men in the USA use cosmetic products that are not associated with shaving, such as facial cleansers, eye gels and anti-aging creams.
Predicted Growth In The Men’s Cosmetics Industry

According to men’s grooming expert and founder of Bulldog Skincare For Men, Simon Duffy, these are the trends we can expect to see in the industry in upcoming months:

  • 80’s styles are coming back into fashion, which could mean a return to short, stubbly facial hair. This type of facial hair needs to be well maintained to keep a constant look, so the popularity of aftershave balms and shaving creams should grow steadily.
  • Social media influencers play a huge role in popularising new beauty trends, as young people try to emulate what they see on platforms such as Instagram. The use of filters makes it easy for us to change our appearance in the digital world, and cosmetics give us the opportunity to recreate some of that in the real world! Concealer and foundation products help men, as well as women, to cover over any lines or blemishes in order to achieve the smooth-skinned, Insta-perfect look.
  • Pollution has a big impact on the health of our skin, with people living in big cities most at risk to being exposed to harmful levels that can age or dehydrate skin prematurely. Any skincare or make-up product that can keep skin hydrated will do well in the future.
  • Korea continues to lead the way for men’s cosmetics, with the popular Korean products of toners and tinted moisturisers looking to be the next Asian trend to take off in the West.

Feeling inspired to launch your own range of men’s cosmetics?

Whilst we don’t like to fall into the horrible pink vs blue cliche of marketing products to men and women separately, it has been shown through studies that men are more likely to respond positively to cosmetic products when they are not overtly seen as a beauty product. Functionality is key, so make sure that you make it clear what the main benefit of your product is, whether it be ‘moisturiser’, ‘tanning’ or a ‘scrub’.

Here at Ideon, we’ve got a fantastic range of cosmetic packaging that is ideal for men’s grooming products – check out our favourite’s below!

Cosmetic Applicators

Our wide range of cosmetic applicators include lip balm tubes, airless dispensers and foaming lotion pumps, to name but a few!

men's cosmetics applicators

Dry, cracked lips affect men just as much as women and, with winter fast approaching, now is a great time to launch a new collection. Our 10ml Amber Glass Roller Bottle features a metal roller ball that evenly distributes the balm and comes complete with a black screw on cap for when the product is not in use. The amber glass will give your balm a luxury feel, with the amber tint providing protection from harmful UV rays.

For products that produce a foam consistency, such as shaving creams and hand soaps, look no further than our 200ml Black Plastic Foamer Bottle. The aerator cap dispenses the product like a lotion pump, but mixes the product inside with air to produce the foamy consistency. This process helps to make your product last longer as well as you are using less of it at a time! Pair with white or light blue labels to create a striking brand appearance.

Our 100ml White Airless Dispenser Bottle has a similar function to the foamer bottle, but instead of adding air, it takes it away! They have no need for a dip tube and are easy to fill with your moisturisers, hand creams and other cosmetics.

Aluminium Jars & Bottles

Aluminium is a fantastic packaging material, as it gives off a stylish, yet industrial, feel and look that perfectly compliments men’s cosmetics.

aluminium jars bottles men's cosmetics

Our 150ml Aluminium Jar is the largest in our aluminium jar range, with other sizes including 15ml, 30ml and 75ml. The lid of this jar has an EPE liner, a white foam sheet that fits neatly inside, which creates a perfect seal to prevent any leakage of your product. We think that this jar would be ideal for  packaging hair waxes and body lotions.

If you want a premium look for your cosmetics brand, then our 100ml Aluminium Bottle & Premium Lotion Pump is worth a look. The silver cap matches well with the aluminium, with an attractive white plastic lotion pump to create a nice colour contrast. The lotion pump cap can be locked into place, which helps to avoid accidental use during transit, and would be perfect for dispensing moisturiser, hair products and more.

For an even, fine mist application of your product, you need something just like our 200ml Aluminium Bottle & Mini Trigger Spray. It would be great for applying deodorants, sunscreens and hair sprays! All of our aluminium bottles have a Epoxy liner, which ensures that the aluminium does not come into direct contact with your product. They’re fully recyclable too!

Cosmetic Jars

Finally, we have our cosmetic jars, which are available in glass and plastic varieties.

cosmetic jars men's cosmetics

Our tiniest jar is the 5ml Black Arese Jar, which comes with a matching screw on lid. The black frosted plastic will make your product stand out from the rest on the shelves, and it is double walled to add extra strength. The small size of this particular jar makes it suitable for packaging lip balms, eye serums and even for sending out samples of your products to potential customers. A larger version in this range is our 100ml Black Arese Jar, which as well as having all the features of the 5ml jar, has a protective shive included that sits across the neck of the jar to prevent your product leaking into the lid and making a mess.

Last but certainly not least, is our 120ml Ointment Amber Glass Jar, which is great for giving products such as bath salts, hand creams and hair wax, a luxurious look. This jar comes with a black screw on lid to prevent leakage. This jar is also available with in sizes ranging from 30ml up to 500ml.

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