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Monochrome branding is a great way to grab the attention of consumers browsing your website or in-store, with the simple, minimalistic designs being easy to read and attractive on the eye. For reasons unknown to science, black and white colours seem to ooze class and sophistication, making any brand who uses them look luxurious and high end.

Just take a look at some of the top brands that use black and white colour palettes in their logos!

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They are instantly recognisable, easy to print on labels and perfect for use in digital media! Check out our top tips for monochrome branding:

  • Keep it simple. The beauty of monochrome is that it lets you put across a clear message without the added distraction of different eye-catching colours and intricate designs. Pick what message you want to convey, then use the minimal amount of text and imagery to express it!
  • Use negative space. A mistake that a lot of designers make is to try and use as much space as possible, but that usually ends up with the final product looking cluttered. Blank space isn’t a bad thing – it actually helps to draw focus to the design’s main message.
  • Experiment with geometric shapes. Minimalistic shapes such as triangles and squares look great in black and white colours, and are perfect to use as frames for your text.

If you want to jump on the monochrome trend with your cosmetics brand, then we’ve got a couple of collections that are right up your street.

Arese Jars

Our collection of Arese Jars are available in a wide array of sizes: 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 150ml, with the larger sizes coming complete with protective shives. The protective shives sit across the neck of the larger jars to prevent any of the product within spilling into the lid – making it a less messy experience for your end users! Of course, the Arese Jars come in a choice of black and white so you can design your monochromatic labels to your hearts content!

arese jars

These stylish jars are made using robust PP plastic that is moulded into a smooth curved shape, with a frosted effect finish. Their round shape makes them ideal for packaging cosmetics such as hair gel, hand cream and foundation. The smaller 5ml and 15ml jars would also be great for storing lip balms, with more capacity than the standard push-up lip balm tubes that are often used.

Edge Jars

The other monochrome collection that we have to offer is our Edge Jar range. These jars come in 3 different sizes: 200ml, 350ml and 500ml, all in a choice of black and white. They are also made from high quality PP plastic and each come complete with a matching screw top lid.

edge cosmetic jars

Unlike the Arese Jars, the Edge Jars have straight sides all the way to the bottom, which makes them easy to attach your branding labels to. We think they’d be great for cosmetics such as body lotion and body butters, but would also be more than suitable for storing topical medical treatments such as eczema/psoriasis creams and antiseptic lotions.

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