750ml Glass Mountain Bottle & 28mm T/E Screw Cap (MCA)

750ml Glass Mountain Bottle & 28mm T/E Screw Cap (MCA)

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750ml Clear glass drinks bottle with 28mm T/E screw cap. The bottle is known within the industry as a Mountain bottle. Great for housing and presenting your sparkling waters, cordials and fruit drinks.

28mm Tamper Evident MCA Cap

Available in a choice of 6 colours: red, green, blue, black, white and gold. Perfect for matching your brand colours


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750ml Clear Glass Mountain Bottle With 28mm (MCA) Tamper Evident Screw Cap

Sleek modern clear glass drinks bottle comes with a 28mm tamper evident screw cap. Known in the industry as a Mountain Bottle’ An industry standard beverage bottle suitable for homemade produce and ideal for both small, medium and large businesses. Great for for spirits, homemade liqueurs, wines, flavoured waters, fruit juices, olive oils, sauces, dressings and more.

Our mountain bottles look both stylish and modern, the sleek straight sides make branding easy, whilst the slim neck helps control the flow of the product within.

Bottle comes with a 28mm tamper evident screw cap (M.C.A.). The cap is simply screwed on to the bottle by hand. The TE Band will then need to be broken to be removed. A clear indication if your product has been tampered with after production. Available in 6 different colour choices: red, green, black, white, blue, gold – Great if you need to colour match your brand.

  • Suitable for carbonated liquids

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28mm Tamper Evident MCA Cap


Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, White

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