Wedding Favours, Christening Gifts And More!

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Events are always tricky to host, what with organising guest lists, decorations, music, catering and simply making sure that everyone has a good time! Here at Ideon, we want to help you out, so we’ve put together this handy list of gift and decoration ideas for every occasion, including weddings, christenings and more. Let’s take a look…

Wedding Favours

Your wedding is perhaps the most stressful event you will ever organise in your life, with people from all of your different social groups coming together: work colleagues, old school friends, new friends and two different families! So how can you keep them all happy by the end of the evening? With great wedding favours of course!

Hangover Kits

Even a teetotal guest will appreciate this handy little hangover pack! All you need is a small box to fill with all the things that will help to ease a sore head the morning after the night before, such as: a coffee sachet, water, effervescent tablets, mints, paracetamol etc. Your guests will appreciate the effort that you’ve gone to for them, as well as finding it amusing and creating a talking point on the day!

Homemade Drinks

Why not get creative before the big day by prepping tiny bottles of homemade drinks such as sloe gin, Limoncello or flavoured vodka? We’ve found a great recipe for Limoncello online at, which lasts for a full six months after it is made. It’s colourful, vibrant, zesty and makes a perfect favour to hand out to guests as they arrive or leave.

Local Produce

Another great idea, if your wedding is taking place in a rural location, is to take advantage of what the area is famous for and package that into small giveaways. For example, if it is taking place in Cornwall, you could gift your guests with little pots of clotted cream. If it’s in Cheshire, you could give away some cheese (and so on). Failing this, small pots of popcorn and preserves such as jam, honey and curds will always go down a treat!

Christening Gifts

It’s always difficult to think of what type of gift to give to a child at their christening – they already have got most of the things that they need by the time that they are born! We think we’ve found some original and unique homemade gift ideas that you can impress with that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Sweet-Filled Mugs

This is more for the parents and possible siblings of the child, but who wouldn’t love to be presented with a jar of sweet treats? Our Quattro Stag Glass Drinking Jar is ideal for filling with candy –why not use sweets of different colours and layer them up in a stylish display?  It comes with a handy lid to keep the contents locked in place, a glass handle and also has an embossed logo on the side for extra flair. After they’ve eaten the sweets inside, the recipient then has a stylish glass jar to drink from!

Seeds In A Jar

Many people like to plant trees or flowers when a baby is born to signify new life, so why not take this concept into your gift? Give the parents a small pot of seeds, which they can use to plant in their garden or in a place special to them. As the child grows, so will your flowers! This one is a slow grower that will take a lot of time to see results from, but we think the end result is worth it.


Give alcohol to a child? Hear us out… Find a high quality whiskey and pour it into a personalised bottle with the child’s name on. Attach a tag addressed to the child and instructing that they will not be able to open the bottle until they turn 18. In the years that pass, the whiskey will mature, deepen its flavour and be absolutely delicious to enjoy! They’ll definitely appreciate this gift on their 18th birthday!

Table Decorations

One of the most fun aspects of planning an event is the decoration! For most events with a sit-down meal involved, you will want to have a table centrepiece for guests to sit around and admire. Instead of splashing your cash on expensive displays from boutiques, use one of the ideas below that you can make at home!


Nothing says ‘table centrepiece’ like a candle! A great way to save money is to but some cheap tea lights and use a glass dish or votive to display them on or in. Or if you’re feeling a little more creative, you could even try your hand at making your own candles! All you need is some wax, scented oils and some wicks: check out this handy tutorial from Art Of Manliness.

Flowers In A Vase

There is nothing more simple and stylish than a small flower arrangement. Cut some fresh flowers and arrange them in a rustic mason jar filled with a small amount of water. To cut costs even further, you can use fake flowers which you can then take home and use around the house without fear of them ever dying!

Wine Cork Candle Holder

Wine enthusiast? Show off your hobby by creating a Wine Cork Candle Holder! All you need are a LOT of wine corks, a wide neck glass jar, a narrow cylindrical glass jar and tea lights (or battery operated candles). Place the smaller cylindrical jar into the centre of the larger jar, then fill the surrounding space between them with your corks. Place your tea light or battery operated candle into the smaller jar within and voila! Find the full tutorial at Two Twenty One.

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